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Friday 11 May 2012

Review - Plantronics Bluetooth on Android by

For the longest time I have been using a basic bluetooth ear piece just for voice calls. It was time to upgrade so I could not only make voice calls, but also listen to music, videos, have voice control, and connect to multiple devices at once. After much research I have found that the Plantronics M50 with the A2DP protocol fits the bill. Just to clear things up a normal bluetooth ear piece normally just supports voice so a person can make phone calls. In order to stream media the earpiece must have a protocol known as A2DP which lets all the other media audio play over the earpiece.

The M50 comes in quite a large plastic container showing off the earpiece as it is mounted right at the top. The package includes a couple of instructional booklets in both English and Spanish. Really these are not needed especially if you have used any bluetooth item before. You will also find an extremely long micro usb cable for charging. The earpiece itself appears to be of nicer plastic and rubber construction. Right away I was able to tell that this earpiece had a little more car in the engineering when compared to the usually cheap earpieces found at most stores. The outside of the earpiece has an LED light which switches between red and blue designating the connections of the bluetooth. There is also a very easy to use on/off switch on the underside. One of my favorite pieces was the blue tented clear plastic loop which goes over the wearers ear. Unlink many of my previous earpieces, this loop is permanently attached to the bluetooth earpiece. The loop has a pivot which easily lets a person choose to use the bluetooth on the left or right ear. An additional nice feature is that the actual portion which sits in the ear canal is rubber verses the more common plastic. For longer wear this rubber cover really cuts down on irritation.

Of course the best feature of all on the M50 is the media streaming. The M50 is one of the least expensive A2DP supported bluetooth earpieces which streams media right along with voice. The earpiece can even be connected to two devices at once which is especially helpful for those that have a personal phone and a work phone. I sat at work today with the phone over on the charger all while listening to music, not disturbing the people around me, and without any cords. The clarity seems great for what it is.

If you are interest I suggest you go over to Amazon and read some more reviews. It is on sale with free shipping to Amazon Prime members. Normally $50 and now $29.99. Follow my link on the right side here to go right to it. Amazon has the lowest price on the Plantronics D50 as of the writing of this posting.

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