KDtech: Google Glass X-ray Vision

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Google Glass X-ray Vision

     One of the most wonderful and yet simple processes of Google Glass is the ability to view an IP address. This ability alone will permit any Glass test pilot ‘Explorer’ to view a security camera with a basic voice command. Taking that idea and attempting to advance it would be with the utilization of an application that detects the Glass pilot’s head position. Upon activation of the camera viewing app the pilot would be able look in the direction of the camera automatically pulling the feed into the viewer. 

     The capability of camera viewing based on head direction would open up all kinds of options. A home or business security system would easily be complemented by this feature. A security guard sitting at his or her desk would simply be able to look up in the direction of the room they wish to view. Based on appropriate camera positioning the Glass pilot would be able to view a room right through the wall. A simple voice request to view one room further would permit a connection of the next camera one more room further away and so on. Once the Glass pilot turns their head they would then automatically begin receiving a feed from the cameras in line with the current head positioning. The next step would be to tie in feed to a security drone hovering over the building.

     The same would work for a home security system. It would be a wonderful feature to hear the doorbell while being upstairs and immediately view the person standing there. The chime goes off, Glass knowns the pilot is home, and then the pilot is promoted just like any other message or they just look in the direction of the door. Otherwise the pilot would let Glass know the pilot wants to view the feed and the pilot would then be looking at the person standing at the front door. As the pilot moves their head around they would automatically switch between cameras to the one most in line with their view. Voice communication with the visitor would even be a possibility through Glass. The Glass pilot would not even have to be home and yet they could answer their front door.

     Glass camera viewing would help with various driving tasks once again giving rise to the idea of promotion of wearing Glass while driving. Parallel parking would become much easier and potentially completed with more precision and less bumper dings. The Glass pilot would give the voice command to begin parallel parking or maybe the car being placed in reverse would trigger the app. The pilot would then begin to receive various feeds from an assortment of strategically placed cameras throughout the undercarriage of the vehicle. As the pilot turns their head they will see right through the sides of the car giving them a view of the other car’s bumpers nearest to them as well as the curb. Audible signals could tie in providing tones based on distance to the nearest object. There would be no more wheel bumps on the curb as long as the pilot could see it. Google Glass has opened up a new and fascinating feature.

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