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Tuesday 15 April 2014

Glass Report

Google Glass Report 04/15/14

     Another successful day of wearing Google Glass has passed. The beginning started once again with a run while utilizing the Strava app recording my split times, distance, and mapping. Simultaneously, Google music permitted me to listen to some ‘Traveling without Moving’ via the earbud. Typically earbuds fall out of my ears while running forcing me to be very selective. Someone at Google made this earbud just right for me. The string like audio cord is able to be fed through a whole in the earbud until it wedges in the ear helping it to stay in place throughout the run. 
     Upon completion of the run I was able to successfully end the music this time. I made an earlier error of navigating right of the ‘Ok Glass’ screen. What I actually needed to do was navigate left bringing me to the option of stopping the currently playing music. It appears I missed the simplest of actions most likely due to being tired. A voice command to end music at that point would be wonderful.
     I have also turned on the ‘head detection’ software for the first time. The idea being that Glass would be able to detect the Explorer’s positioning of the Glass whether it be sitting on the table or actually being on one’s face. It turns out to be a very nice feature which only required the most basic initial calibration to work which Glass walks the Explorer test pilot through. A pleasant chime occurs each time Glass is removed or placed on the persons head. The best part is that the touch based commands are disable when removed preventing any accidental signals from getting through.

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