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Friday 11 April 2014

KDtech Google Glass Report -

First, thanks to the Google Glass group for all that you do. I only write this in order to help Glass evolve and not as a complaint. I feel it to be all Explorer test pilots responsibility to report use.

Strava Running App
Today, as usual, I took Glass for my morning run utilizing the Strava application. The app provides me with split times in my ear about every mile or on the screen simply by looking up while the app is running. My run is time stamped, measured, and placed on a Google map in my records on Strava’s website. There are many more features to explore including a paid version as well as one used for bicycling. The only issue I have had was when I started up the app the other day I had to go to the myglass interface on the phone or computer and toggle the app on and off. It was the only way I could log in with my Strava account. Since that time I have not had to repeat this action.

Google Play Music
Music has some room for improvement when compared to other systems out there already available in cheap bluetooth ear pieces using Android on the phone itself to power it. It appears there is no way to start music on the phone via the touch Android interface and hear it on Glass. In my case I prefer to listen via the earpiece so that I do not disturb those around me. I believe that the most needed patch would be one that looks only at the music on the phone verses trying to reach out to the internet. I live in the heart of downtown St. Louis under the most modern cell towers. Yet, the app will stall out leaving me without music for several minutes between songs while running on a stock GS4 on 3G or 4G. When I get it to connect to my phone stored music that problem is gone, but I have to be very specific in my voice request. Another issue is that an internet connection must be made simply to find music that is already on my phone. Once this has happened many cards populate for each song within a ‘CD’. Through the many cards I am unable to find a way to stop the music upon completion of my run. Today I was so tired that I just cut power to Glass to get it to stop playing music. There may already be a stop command just as one was recently added to maps for directions. Maybe I have just not found it yet.

Hope this helps…

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